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Important Announcement:
All of our support services are now available exclusively online. 

Please continue to use this scheduling system 
to make appointments with tutors and accessibility specialists.

When you do, here is what you can expect:

For the Math Resource Center, Subject Area Tutoring, and the Writing Center -- Your tutor will contact you via your Cabrini email address with a link to access your online session through Blackboard Collaborate. At the start time of your session, you will click on the link to “arrive” to your appointment. 

For the Disability Resource Center -- Your accessibility specialist will contact you via the Teams Application of Microsoft Office 365 or make arrangements to connect with you via Blackboard Collaborate. To use Teams, you will need to open the app prior to the start of your scheduled appointment and answer the call from our DRC staff member. Instructions on how to utilize the features of the Teams app can be provided via email prior to your first session. 

Note: To participate fully in a Blackboard Collaborate or a Teams Video Conference, you will need a computer with a functioning camera, microphone, and access to the internet. If you are concerned that you are not equipped with the technology to participate fully in a session, simply communicate your concern to your tutor or accessibility specialist when they invite you to your appointment so that you can identify solutions together. 

We look forward to seeing you online soon!

To get started, click 'Register for an account' next to First Visit? at the top of the box to the left. After registering, log in by entering your email and password. 

You must select a center from the AVAILABLE SCHEDULES menu on the left before clicking Log In.

Our online scheduling system allows you to make up to three individual appointments per week in thefollowing areas:

Disability Resource Center (DRC)
Make an appointment with an accessibility specialist to discuss your concerns. For other services, please contact Karen Becker directly at or 610-902-8209.

Math Resource Center (MRC)
Make an appointment with a peer tutor for support in your math coursework. MRC Tutors can help you understand math concepts and offer guidance as you complete problem sets. Select tutors welcome group appointments; multiple students may reserve a given appointment with these tutors. For other services or concerns, please contact or 610-902-8443.

Subject Area Tutoring
Make an appointment with a peer tutor who has experience in your subject area. Subject Area Tutors can help you understand course concepts and offer support as you complete assignments and study for exams. Group appointments are welcome; multiple students may reserve a given appointment with a tutor. For other services or concerns, please contact or 610-902-8443.

Writing Center
Make an appointment with a peer tutor for help at any stage of the writing process from understanding your writing assignment and brainstorming to revising and editing your drafts, and more. For other services or concerns, please contact or 610-902-8506. 

Undergraduate students should select the schedule called "Writing Center 2019-2020."

Masters students should select the schedule called "Masters Students Writing Center 2019-2020." This schedule includes a few late afternoon/evening hours per week. If this availability does not work for you, please reach out to us at so that we can try to accommodate your schedule.

Writing Center E-Tutoring
New this semester, undergraduate students at Cabrini have the option to make an appointment for online asynchronous tutoring, called E-Tutoring. Use this schedule to make an appointment by uploading your assignment and the prompt or instructions from your professor. By the end of the scheduled hour, a tutor will review your draft and respond with feedback, uploading it back into your appointment form. You will receive a notification when feedback is ready. You do not need to show up at the Writing Center in Rooymans Hall for these appointments.  


   We look forward to supporting your academic success at Cabrini University!

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